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Enroll now in the short Chinese course designed for Traveling to China. In 6 hours you will learn the most important words and sentences for your trip to China.

Chinese Courses (standard Mandarin)

Date Day Time
Short Course Learning Chinese for Trip to China (€ 80 - 6 hours) July 13+14 Sat+Sun 9:00am - 12:00pm

Learn Chinese at Wing Training

  • Small groups, maximum of 8 people
  • Professional, experienced teacher
  • Speaking, reading and writing Chinese
  • Typing Chinese on your own computer
  • Support by teacher every day of the week
  • Chinese library with books and DVDs
  • Extensive course offering
  • 10 minutes from center of Groningen
  • Free parking

Chinese Course (standard Mandarin)

Chinese (Mandarin/Putonghua) is a language spoken by more than one billion people worldwide. It is a beautiful and fascinating language which will only even make you more excited along the way. Also for companies Chinese is becoming more and more important because of the trade with China. When you as a Westerner show interest in the language of your Chinese business partner, it will be very much appreciated. The same is true for Chinese culture and habits.

Even though Chinese is a completely different language from English or Dutch, learning it is easier than you think. For example, the Chinese characters seem to be chosen randomly, but you will soon see many similarities between many characters and their meanings. Since at Wing Training from the very first lesson you will not only learn the Western way of writing Chinese, or pinyin, but also the Chinese characters themselves.

Learn Chinese Faster with Smaller Groups

At Wing Training in Groningen you will learn Chinese in small groups of at most eight people. You learn to talk Chinese and also learn a bit of reading and writing Chinese, even on your own computer. Because of the small group size, you will have ample opportunity to ask the teacher for help

Almost every month a new course Beginner 1 starts, so you will never have to wait long before you can start your Chinese learning. And if you are not sure whether you can finish the course, for whatever reason. No problem! When after a certain number of lessons it turns out you cannot continue, you don't need to pay for the residual lessons.

Professional, Experienced Teacher

All Chinese courses at Wing Training taught by a professional teacher with substantial experience. Also, the teacher is a native speaker. You will learn the Mandarin Chinese which is spoken everywhere in China, and without an accent. The teacher is very experienced and enthusiastic and will make it a lot easier to master the difficult tones.

Chinese Beginner Courses

The Chinese Beginner courses are for people who can not speak or understand Chinese. This first essential course is taught in English, with exclusive learning material written by Wing. It focuses on Pinyin (phonetic system of standard Mandarin) learning, while structures of Chinese characters, simple daily dialogues and Chinese culture in different aspects are introduced. At the end of the course, you are skillful at pronouncing all characters with the help of Pinyin; you can compose short passages in Chinese with your own computer and have simple daily talks in Chinese. Vocabulary: at least 100.

Chinese Beginner 2 is for people who achieve the level of the course of Beginner 1. This course is taught in English and part in Chinese. By watching humorous videos and practising useful dialogues, Beginner 2 draws you closer to the real Chinese daily life, and greatly improves your Chinese pronounciation, vocabulary, grammar and conversation skills. After the course, you will have a better understanding of Chinese culture, attain the proficiency of understanding headlines and part of the content in Chinese newspapers, and you can chat about familiar topics in Chinese without too much difficulty. To you, writing short Chinese emails is no longer a headache. Vocabulary: minimum 300.

Chinese Advanced Courses

Chinese Intermediate is for people who achieve the level of the course of Beginner (II). This course is taught in Chinese. When you accomplish this course, you are able to understand most news and current affairs reported on public media, participate in a conversation with native speakers, and discuss current affairs. You are capable to read contemporary literature in Chinese.

Chinese Advanced is for people who achieve the level of the course of Medium. This course is taught in Chinese. During the course, you will learn different styles of Chinese writing, Chinese songs, Chinese performances and ancient Chinese articles. You will learn to read and write long argument and reports. You will understand Chinese movies and TV programs mostly. You can express yourself freely in both daily life and in your professional field.

Chinese Business

Duration: 50 hours. Frequency: 2 hours per lesson, 1 lesson per week. For people who achieve the level of the course of Beginner (I). This course is taught in English. In this course, while you are learning characters and grammar of Chinese, you will also learn communications and culture on business in China, how and where to find useful information about local policy for business; moreover, you will learn how to deal with problems in different situations in daily life in China as well.

Learning Chinese. But why?

The reasons people learn Chinese are very diverge. Quite often it is because of better career opportunities. Another frequently heard reason is the fact that Chinese is just a very beautiful language. Some Wing Training students are going to China and want to be able to make themselves understood. Because most Chinese people do not speak English at all. Others have been in China for some period, learned Chinese there, and want to continue studying in the Netherlands.

Perhaps the most remarkable reason to learn Chinese, is the fact that learning Chinese trains the right brain hemisphere. And this is correct. With English, Dutch and other Western languages we only use our left hemisphere. However, with the Chinese language both brain hemispheres are needed. It turns out Chinese is a beautiful and fun way to boost your creative skills (which originate in your right brain hemisphere).

Chinese library

At Wing Training you can borrow Chinese books to your heart's content. The library of Wing Training currently consists of more than 1,000 books and DVDs about learning Chinese and China itself. We have Dutch-Chinese, English-Chinese and Chinese-Chinese books.

And above all, these books have been carefully selected by the teacher based on quality and usefulness. In the mini-library of Wing Training only the best Chinese books can be found. And you, as a student of Wing Training, have access to all of it.

You don't want to wait for the start of the next Chinese course? Then just start online with this free Chinese Course.