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Learning Cantonese in Groningen

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Register now for one of the Cantonese courses below. We offer courses for Beginners and also for Intermediate and Advanced levels. If you don't know which course is most suitable for you, then send us an email or call us to make an appointment with the teacher (Wing) for a free evaluation.

Cantonese Courses

Date Day Time
Cantonese Beginner 1 Mar. 22 Fri 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Learning Cantonese at Wing Training

  • Small groups, maximum of 8 people
  • Professional, experienced teacher
  • Support by teacher every day of the week
  • Chinese library with books and DVDs
  • Extensive course offering
  • 10 minutes from center of Groningen
  • Free parking

Cantonese Course

Learning Cantonese instead of learning Chinese (Mandarin) is usually done by people who have a Cantonese partner. Someone from Hong Kong of Guangzhou. But also by Chinese Dutch who never learned Cantonese, but would like to be able to communicate with their Cantonese family. It is the most important language in the south of China (Hong Kong and Guangdong (Canton)).

Cantonese is spoken in- and outside of China by more than 67 million people. It is regarded as the second language of China, after Mandarin. The majority of Chinese people living outside of China speak Cantonese.

Guangzhouhua, or Standard Cantonese, is the most important dialect of Cantonese. It is spoken alongside Standard Mandarin at schools in Hong Kong and Macau and in daily life in most of Guangdong, the province of the cities of Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau.

At Wing Training you can learn Cantonese Chinese in small groups. The teacher is from Guangzhou and speaks Standard Cantonese. The lessons focus mainly on understanding and speaking Cantonese.

Learn Cantonese Faster with Smaller Groups

At Wing Training in Groningen you will learn Cantonese in small groups of at most eight people. The focus is mainly on learning to speak and understand Cantonese. Because of the small group size, you will have ample opportunity to ask the teacher for help

A few times a year a new course Beginner 1 starts, so you will never have to wait long before you can start your Cantonese learning. And if you are not sure whether you can finish the course, for whatever reason. No problem! When after a certain number of lessons it turns out you cannot continue, you don't need to pay for the residual lessons.

Professional, Experienced Teacher

All Chinese courses at Wing Training taught by a professional teacher with substantial experience. Also, the teacher is a native speaker. You will learn the Mandarin Chinese which is spoken everywhere in China, and without an accent. The teacher is very experienced and enthusiastic and will make it a lot easier to master the difficult tones.

Chinese library

At Wing Training you can borrow or buy Chinese books to your heart's content. The library of Wing Training currently consists of more than 300 books and DVDs about learning Chinese and China itself. We have Dutch-Chinese, English-Chinese and Chinese-Chinese books.

And above all, these books have been carefully selected by the teacher based on quality and usefulness. In the mini-library of Wing Training only the best Chinese books can be found. And you, as a student of Wing Training, have access to all of it.