Fun Chinese Courses

My name is Wing (in Cantonese; Ying in Mandarin). I have taught English at a middle school in China for six years, and now I am working as a Chinese teacher in the Netherlands. The languages in class are mainly English and Chinese.

You can choose Mandarin lesson or Cantonese lesson to follow. Since at present I am busy learning Dutch, I can give Dutch explanation when it is necessary. Soon in the future I will also offer Chinese lessons (Beginner (I) & (II)) in Dutch. See an overview of available Chinese Courses here.

Learn Chinese Effectively

At Wing Training in Groningen you will learn Chinese in small groups with a maximum of 8 students. This way you have the opportunity to ask more questions and master the Chinese language more quickly.

By the way, at Wing Training you can ask questions and get an answer every day of the week via email. So not just during the lessons. This makes learning Chinese at Wing Training even more effective.

Type Chinese on your own computer

Typing Chinese on the PC will be one of the subjects. No special keyboard is needed, just your regular keyboard will do the trick. After finishing the course at Wing Training you will be able to type basic Chinese on your own computer.